Sunday, March 20, 2011

The beginning of year 2011.

I lack of update my blog from the past few months. A feeling like being alone at home and clean up my memory card, there are thousand of photos. Each photo tell me a story. It's been a long time I never took nice photo. Shouldn't be that. I live today, I will keep capture every lovely scene and I'm gonna write myself a long one. :)

With the very first welcome new year 2011.
We end drinking, we start drinking. Teenagers dreams.
I bough myself a new toy before the Chinese New Year.
Brother was jealous that time, but I only have one white Bb,
he owned two blackys.
Happy moment past really fast, like a clip on an eye. But I wont forget this year CNY, serious flood in Johor. Luckily my hometown placed upper, we are safe. The little hand with watch belongs to my stupid brother.
I failed to maintain my weight after CNY. :(
The foods and alcohols made me, and some problem with my self control.
This me.
Indispensable - Lou Sang
Indispensable - shark's fin
Indispensable - alcohols
I spot the God of Wealth in Centro, but I shy to say Hello.
She's one of my girl, Ling.
11st Feb.
Chinese New Year end, but party still continuous with special occasion.
The crazy we done in club, love the ladies.
Hoegaarden, one of my favorite beers.
Drinking and dice shake moment at The Beer Factory.
the Valentine's Day.
my joke became the poison of my friendship.
6 years ago, my first valentine's gift.
Second dining experienced in Look Out Point.
RM2k fireworks burn in few minutes.
How waste, but it touch me. These were my favorite.
Beautiful scene, carved in mind.
I play the small fireworks, how great if its long last.
Frankly speak, sometime I do have reading times, but not the below.
Love. Life and Learn.
This thingy I found like my old time toys, it will light up. How cute.
Kids choices.
The reason I love desserts.
Stressed = dessertsStill my all time favorite, beautiful Sunset !
My first house pet, Roboviski, they rarely fertility. They cute, fast and active !
Tell me, he is mine !
I can read. When things happen you say yes. ;)
Sometime I love romance.
Everything happen for a reason.
Sometime people around disagreed, but I still doing it.
I may be a bad daughter, I may be a worst friend, I may be a naughty girl.
But you only know my name.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Spending time with my friends was truly fun ! The moment we shared, we gossips, we laugh like crazy woman, it's like awesome! Frankly speak, I never thought my friendship was that strong. After some incident, I'm ready to give and hold my friendship very well. Sorry for my past, always late for gathering, refused invitation and worst ffk at the very last minute. My bad. :( But, memory will never fade, I promise.

08 . 01 . 2011
Qiqi's 22th Birthday.
Chili's, Empire Gallery for birthday dinner.

Heavenly Chocolate from Opera cake shop, Empire Gallery.

Frederick and Qiqi.
An awesome sweet couple !

Me and Jacinda shared a plate of Firecracker Fish Fillet.

And my favorite mash potato !

Another weekend start with a great meal.
A lunch with bi, at T.G.I. FRiDAY'S, Sunway Pyramid.

Key West Whitefish. I love fish !

Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms

I found this in the shopping mall. These stuff attract my attention, it's a decoration light. I think it's new and beautiful !
See... dinosaur, kangaroo, bears and the little tortoise. So Cute !And the heart shape.
It's more beautiful when you see it in real.

Party after the night, a little liquor for the night, a bunch of friends with joy. Party for Rose's belated birthday and Syzean's farewell. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos with them. :(

An ordinary yet extraordinary life !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Live My Life ( late Christmas post )

Peak season ? Holidays ? Dark Friday? Everywhere is jam.
I'd been pampered for so long. Sometimes, I should drive myself to my destination. :)

The best way to kill my jamming time.
Heading out to grab my Christmas gift, and so on. Of course, I don't wanna keep myself staying in the house, it's a waste. Life's short, say NO to lifeless. Party like a rock star, study like a nerd star, Live like a super star !

Just some random photo, everywhere with my mobile. I shared. :)

Candy time !

Famous Amos in the market.

A gift . (Joy)

Last but not least ! I shorten my hair.
I'd enjoyed my Christmas, although I'm not in the same position compare last Christmas. Just a simple house BBQ party.
I don't have a Christmas present this year, but Santa allow me to make a Christmas wish and sure it come true. :)

<3 people around, may God bless each of us, healthy and happy.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance !